Tod Twenty Four Everybody on the Dancefloor
October 12, 2013 4:00pm



4:01pm: Anthem by N-Joi from Decoded and Danced Up

4:04pm: Exterminate (Day of the Hardcore) by DMS from Breaks, Blips and Bass 3

4:10pm: Chinagirl (GTO Mix) by Cetu Javu from Have in Mind

4:14pm: No UFOs by Model 500 from Kings of Electro

4:18pm: Dome Patrol by Cutting Edge from XL Recordings The American Chapter

4:26pm: How's the Music (Go Higher Mix) by Winx from How's the Music

4:34pm: Skelph (1st Mix) by Harri Skelph from Skelph

4:42pm: Dungeon Beat by Huhta Home Studio from Dungeon Acid

4:53pm: Towers of Dub (Ambient Mix) by The Orb from Ambient Sense


4:58pm: Time of Love by Mi Ami from Decade

5:04pm: Special (Trance Mix) by Sir James from Special

5:08pm: Closer (Club Mix) by Mr. Fingers from Closer

5:11pm: Redivivo by JMII from Neuva York

5:15pm: Maze by Actress from Splazsh

5:22pm: Etoile Polaire by Philip Glass from North Star

5:26pm: That Magik by CLAWS from That Magic

5:32pm: Diggin In Brownswood by DJ Rels from Eclipse Parts 1 & 2

5:35pm: Arise by Shake from Frictionalism

5:41pm: PWSteal.Ldpinch.D by Analord from Analord 08

5:42pm: Space by Zaka Percussion from Space


5:45pm: Scorcher by 4 Hero from Thin Ice


5:49pm: Bobby Browser Live

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