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Malderor Covers for Disco Roto & Plays Lots of Covers
October 17, 2013 8:00pm


Malderor was covering the Disco Roto show for Michelle K-Tel, and he had a big pile of odd covers come across his desk this week, so that's mostly what he played. He also had his High School friend Alanopski drop by the studio to hang out, so he may have drifted into some 90's "alternative" there towards the end. Oh, and he started with some metal to ease the transition from Cold Ones and Rolled Ones, plus he played a new Suede b-side and a bunch of Frank Turner-related groups. Ah, heck, here's the playlist:

October 17, 2013 8:00pm - 10:30pm

8:07pm: Sonic Beatdown by Death Angel

8:08pm: Davidian by Machinehead

8:09pm: Sell Me A Reason by The Devil In California

8:21pm: Stormclouds by New Model Army

8:26pm: Ride The Lightning (Metallica Cover) by Kendra Morris

8:29pm: Jackie by Iceage

8:39pm: Falling Planes by Suede

8:43pm: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Dylan Cover) by Robyn Hitchcock

8:49pm: Obsession (Animotion Cover) by Golden State

8:56pm: Four Simple Words by Frank Turner

9:01pm: Young Drunk by Smith Street Band

9:05pm: What Are You Willing To Lose by Lucero

9:08pm: Don't Make Me Go by Off With Their Heads

9:12pm: Don't You Want Me Baby by Atomic Tom

9:22pm: Byegone by Volcano Choir

9:26pm: The Killing Moon (Echo & The Bunnymen Cover) by Brian Lopez

9:35pm: Once In A Lifetime (Talking Heads Cover) by Chico Mann

9:38pm: Signs by Shriekback

9:43pm: Brother My Cup Is Empty by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

9:52pm: John The Revelator by Depeche Mode

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