Radio Valencia, San Francisco Community Radio
Dr. Junk Goes To The Track
October 20, 2013 2:00pm


Unfortunately, Malderor has to work a regular "day job" to support his pirate radio habit. As such, he was busy working for the first half hour of today's show. Dr. Junk, of course, was able to handle the show on his own and play great tunes for the radio audience. Wait, who am I kidding? Dr. Junk went to Golden Gate Fields instead of dealing with his radio responsibilities.

There was almost zero prep for this one, but huge thanks to Bullwinkle for holding down the fort while Malderor took a cab from his office to the studio. Dr. Junk is an asshole.

2:00pm: Shadows by The Vejtables

2:04pm:Optical Sound by The Human Expression

2:06pm: In The Past by We The People

2:08pm: Her Name Is Melody by Adrian Pride

2:12pm: Someday by The Appleglass Cyndrom

2:16pm: Rainbow Life by The Third Bardo

2:18pm: Death Dells At Dawn by The Lords

2:21pm: House Of Glass by The Glass Family

2:24pm: Porpoise Song by Monkees

2:28pm: Velvet Illusions by Velvet Illusions

2:35pm: Up Around The Bend (Creedence Cover) by Social Distortion

2:37pm: Thunderstorms and Neon Signs by Wayne Hancock

2:41pm: A Night In Dreams by White Denim

2:47pm: No More Hell To Pay by Stryper

2:57pm: Shoot The Preacher Down by The Bulletboys

3:00pm: Hell On My Heels by The Bulletboys

3:11pm: Horse by Glitter Wizard

3:13pm: Sidewalks by Balms

3:15pm: Gee, I Really Do by Heavy Trash

3:24pm: Paid by The Supersuckers

3:27pm: The Baddest Of The Bad by The Reverend Horton Heat

3:31pm: Teardrop Guitar by Crocodiles

3:40pm: Rock Jock Bobby Slone by Foxx

3:41pm: The Quickening by The Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:42pm: You Must Be A Witch by The Lollipop Shoppe

3:45pm: Hey I'm Lost by Butch Engle & The Styx

3:52pm: Judy Says (Knock You On The Head Tonight) by The Vibrators

3:54pm: Resurrection by Vice Squad

4:02pm: return to normal schedule.

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