Canyon Cody visits Margarita Azucar
November 8, 2013 12:00pm


Canyon Cody, from LA's Subsuelo crew, comes to Margarita Azucar to share some of his favorite tunes across a variety of genres, and talk about the Flamenco scene.

Canyon's set (more or less):

Siempre Quiero Mas by Rafi El
Chales donde estoy by Tropikal forever
Bombs over the Bay by DJ Theory
Armada Latina by Cypress Hill
Zorzal by Chancha via Circuito
Enfermo de Amor by Nando Boom
Dem Bow by Shabba Ranks
La Bamba by Mexicans with Guns
Gaetero Zafra (Oreon remix) by Los Gaeteros de San Jacinto
Santo Diablo by Cabo Blanco
Belize City by Marcus Visionary
Gorom Sen (Siete Catorce Remix) by Robot Koch
Shock (Captain Planet) by Ana Tijoux
Sentimiento Boheme by La Vida Boheme
La Negra by La Santa Cecilia
Volver remix by DJ Panik
Dos Cartenias (La Bombacion Remix) by Buena Vista Social Club
La Jungla by DJ Lengua
Gangsta by Kat Dahlia
Afrolatino (feat. Los Rakas) by Banana Clipz
Dancers anthem by RDX
Swimming Pools (Yukesito Remix) by Kendrick Lamar
Me Quedo Con Los Recuerdos by Subsuelo
Accion Reaccion Repercusion by Ojos de Brujo
Ja No Partial (CrnKn Remix) by Major Lazer
Bubbah Meck by Bangin Clude
Should I stay or Should I go? by Wild Life!
Should I stay or Should I go? by WildLife!
Set your flag on fire by U-Tern Remix
Soledad by Sono Rhizmo
Cumbia con Arpa by Hugo Blanco
Lonely Girl by Dorothy Ashby
El Birimbi by Bahia
Perfum des Iles by Kali
El Sueno
India Matea by Sonora
Nace en Cuba el Mozambique by Pello El Afrokan
Baptizan by The Lord Rahburn Combo

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