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Two hours of free-form programming in the classic spirit of 1960s underground radio, bringing you the music of yesterday, today and tomorrow. A weekly mixtape for your mind, hosted by Ferrara Brain Pan.
Rock 'n Roll Station #46
November 14, 2013 8:00am


Wire - Mercy - Chairs Missing

Michael Rother - Flammende Herzen - Flammende Herzen
Jonathan Wilson - Her Hair Is Growing Long - Fanfare
John Davis - Superpartner - Ask The Dust
Lucrecia - Levedad - Syzygy
Vatican Shadow - Muscle Hijacker Tribal Affiliation - Remember Your Black Day
Agnes Obel - Dorian - Aventine

Jonathan Wilson - Cecil Taylor - Fanfare
Bruce Gilbert & BAW - The Void - Diluvial
Jon Hopkins - The Field / The River - How I Live Now (Original Soundtrack)
John Cale - You Know More Than I Know - The Island Years: Fear
Deux Filles - Los Estrallas - Double Happiness
Wire - Heartbeat - Chairs Missing
Daughter - Home (Jon Hopkins Remix) - How I Live Now (Original Soundtrack)

Lucrecia - Mirage - Syzygy
Hong Kong In The 60s - At Your Door - My Fantoms
Agnes Obel - The Curse - Aventine
Deux Filles - The Snow Falls And The Village Is Overflowing With Children - Double Happiness
Scott Walker - On Your Own Again - Scott 4
Jon Hopkins - Taken Away - How I Live Now (Original Soundtrack)

Principal Edwards Magic Theatre - The Death Of Don Quixote - Soundtrack

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