Voltaire Records Showcase: Hotthobo, Loose Shus, PLAzA, & Roche
December 7, 2013 4:00pm


4:03pm: Mother's Finest from Another Mother Further

4:05pm: Quantum Jump by The Lone Ranger from Quantum Jump

4:07pm: Ain\'t Got Nothing to Give You by The Equals from Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys

4:11pm: Playing with Fire by Country Joe McDonald from Playing with Fire

4:14pm: UK Blak by Caron Wheeler from Deepheat 9

4:18pm: The Feeling of Warmth and Beauty by Richard H Kirk from Virtual State

4:24pm: Believe by Franka Potente from Run Lola Run

4:30pm: Choose Life (JDS Vocal Remix) by PF Project from Choose Life

4:34pm: Esta Si Esta No by The Glimmers from Esta Si Esta No

4:39pm: Sensation by The Beat Broker from Sensation

4:46pm: Dark & Long (Dark Train) by Underworld from Dark & Long

4:57pm: Percussion Sundance by Kash from Percussion Sundance

5:08pm: Virgo Cluster by Jonas Reinhard from Viare EP

5:13pm: NA by Mr. Oizo

5:18pm: Citidel by Shadowlust from LIES

5:24pm: I Don\'t Play Those Games by Dave Karl from I Don\'t Play Those Games

5:27pm: bodyrock by DMX Krew from FFFresh

5:31pm: Angeles by Loose Shus from Loose Shus

5:34pm: Midnight Mover by Andras Fox from Midnight Mover

5:38pm: Guave by PLAzA from Viare EP

5:44pm: Midnight Special by Psychic Mirrors from Midnight Special

5:48pm: K.K.K. by GANG from KKK

5:57pm: Screwdriver by Loose Shus from Screwdrive

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