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December 11, 2013 10:00pm
A lively and Informative 90-minute telethon with the leading Republican contender for the Presidency. Got a question? Whatever it is -- on any subject at all -- dial 415-962-7979 between 10pm and midnight tonight. Time permitting, Mr. Nixon will answer it along with the hundreds of others that will be coming in from all over California.

Whether you have a question or not, you'll want to be turned into tonight to the FINAL BROADCAST of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND to "Ask Richard Nixon" -- an hour and a half of answers by the man who has been described by hosts Karen Carpenter, Bob-Marc, and Sherilyn Connelly as "the most unstumpable expert in American politics." It'll be Nixon at his informal, straight-talking best.

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: Nixon's the One.

Chatroom History
December 11, 2013 10:00pm - 1:30am

DJdeadhair: (10:32pm)
zero: 0 (10:33pm)
DJdeadhair: chatbox lives! (10:33pm)
OrinZ: There's nothing wrong with the catbox. It's the show which is buggy. (10:33pm)
Etenal: Frame is not on the YouseToobe; Media Burn certainly is (10:40pm)
Raking Rad: Dorothy Parker's parker (10:42pm)
DJdeadhair: there should be a bad adult movie night, sometime... (10:45pm)
Raking Rad: Prepare the motionpicture sickeness bags! (10:46pm)
Raking Rad: Rickard Nickson WAS the Golden Age of Porno-graphy (10:47pm)
Nick Exxon: fusck hime (10:52pm)
Dick Noxim: Presidential bugs fuck and die on popeyes (11:00pm)
Dick Noxim: That's my Secret Honor. (11:09pm)
Dick Noxim: So did Tom Ribbbins. (11:14pm)
President Maxxam: You're know Jacques Kennedey (11:15pm)
Khan!: Jame Evil Kirk (11:17pm)
Khan!: love commerrcal fur (11:19pm)
Khan!: who the fuck cares?! (11:20pm)
Another Celestial: need more show (11:20pm)
Another Celestial: and he had a store on Market St after Deadwood. (11:21pm)
Another Celestial: and the main young whore at the Bella Union is Powers Booths' daghter in actual, real, not-movie life. (11:22pm)
Another Celestial: Now watch "Life on Mars". (11:23pm)
DJdeadhair: whoa. did someone just say they find bikers aesthetically challenging!? (11:24pm)
UFO: peple gots him (11:26pm)
Holmes: that one is a gud un. (11:27pm)
Sherilyn: rd-nixons-laugh-in.html (11:35pm)
Sherilyn: Again! (11:37pm)
Ron Ziegler: Shittawalk (11:53pm)
Ron Ziegler: he's the Premier of Thailand (11:53pm)
Any: more K Pop?! (11:54pm)
Any: more martian moms hating their egg burdens? (11:58pm)
NHLG: We're fucking gone. Finally. Thankfully. Forever. Without cure. No lie. No bull. No thing to see here. Move along. All done. Drone city. (12:04am)
NHLG: Still talking.....oh well.....oh, there. Cocksuckers....goodbye. (12:05am)
NHLG: Alan B. (12:05am)
Alen B.: I'm not him eithetrr;lkjkhbbnk;lew (12:06am)
vj pussycat: buh bye (12:06am)

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