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Female-fronted post-punk and weird
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 53: Launderette
January 18, 2014 10:00pm
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Female-fronted punk + post-punk: weird, aggressive, and DIY music all made by women.

Screaming Sneakers- Violent Days
Frigidettes- Turmoil
Glorious Strangers- Why Don't You Join the Army?
Martha and the Muffins- Echo Beach
The Nixe- I Love the Cops
Legal Weapon- Pow Pow
Pink Kross- Scumbag
The Delinquents- Do You Have a Job for a Girl Like Me?
Thee Headcoatees- Ca Plane Pour Moi
Mr. Kite- Exit B9
Ginny Arnell- Dumb Head
Oh-Ok- Lilting
Kandeggina Gang- Sono Cattiva
Girls At Our Best- Pleasure
Cold Cold Hearts- Any Resemblance...
Flirt- Don't Push Me
Siege- Don't Punish Me
Gash- Aquarius
Frightwig- A Man's Got to Do What a Man's Got to Do
Vivien Goldman- Launderette
Suburban Wives Club- Casual Cat at the Laundromat
The Launderettes- Rebel Love
Love It Or Leave It- Poor Boy
Hissyfit- Scrunchie
Mo-Dettes- Paint It Black
Mother's Ruin- Dreamy Teeny
Swoons- My Grandpa is Joey Ramone
Burning Kitchen- Fucked Up
Non Band- Duncan Dancin'
Delta 5- Try
Conflict- Bad Idea
Stripsearch- Galileo
Reversible Cords- Teen Orgy
A-Gen-53- Lila
FDS- Beskyddargladje
Lucrate Milk- She Told Me About Leeds Permanent Building
Au Pairs- It's Obvious
Medical Tourists- Impatient Patient
The Waitresses- I Know What Boys Like

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