February 26, 2014 10:00pm


Take the number of sand grains on Earth, in all the beaches and deserts and the bottom of the ocean... a very large number, but NOT INFINITE. The number of stars in the universe.. . trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions, but NOT INFINITE. The number of long and ultimately pointless stories Karen Carpenter has told and will ever tell about Doylestown and/or SF building codes... a mind-blowing number that makes ones' head hurt, but ultimately NOT INFINITE.

What about, say, the number of pairs of prime numbers which are separated by exactly 2 (for example, 17 and 19, or 41 and 43, or 2,003,663,613 x 2^195,000 - 1 and 2,003,663,613 x 2^195,000 + 1)? Want to take a guess? Did you guess 6? WRONG! The number of pairs of prime numbers which are separated by exactly 2 is LITERALLY INFINITE.

Now while Aristotle questioned whether infinites could exist in a seemingly finite physical world, at the FINAL BROADCAST of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND, evidence will be presented to show that Karen Carpenter, Bob-Marc, and Sherilyn Connelly KrOB and Puzzling Evidence can break an infinite number of Radio Valencia rules.

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: An infinite number of monkeys talking over each other.

Chatroom History
February 26, 2014 10:00pm - 1:30am

malderor: amateurs! (10:00pm)
vj pussycat: that's standard NHLG dialog (10:01pm)
kat herding: hola (10:03pm)
Alan B.: Hey, vj, hey, kat! (10:03pm)
kat herding: yo (10:04pm)
Alan B.: Scary music denoting infinity. (10:04pm)
kat herding: what is that monolith over yonder? (10:04pm)
Dr. Penny: Or the ghost of Christmas past (10:04pm)
Alan B.: Dr. Penny! (10:05pm)
Dr. Penny: :) (10:05pm)
kat herding: back up yo lest I smack you wid dis bone here! (10:06pm)
Dr. Penny: The monolith looks like it's close to cumming now. (10:06pm)
kat herding: that's one loooong phomne number (10:11pm)
Alan B.: It felt like we were waiting forever. (10:12pm)
Alan B.: Papa Juan. (10:12pm)
kat herding: infinitely, you could say... (10:13pm)
vj pussycat: hi y'all. i'm back again. fantastic show so far! (10:15pm)
Alan B.: (10:17pm)
Alan B.: The Mandlebrot Set (10:18pm)
Alan B.: Paradox a Potential Infinity (10:18pm)
Alan B.: WWV-H! (10:19pm)
Sherilyn: It's this in particular, Alan: (10:21pm)
Sherilyn: TIME DURING AN ECLIPSE! (10:21pm)
Alan B.: THE BEST TIME! (10:21pm)
Alan B.: Those who don't know the history of WWV are doomed to repeat it. (10:22pm)
Alan B.: You are fucking killing me with the Jim Steinman. (10:24pm)
Alan B.: Hey-Yo! (10:24pm)
Alan B.: New word Facebook brought me: Glassholes (10:25pm)
Alan B.: WWV parody?! (10:26pm)
kat herding: HEY! I was in public relations! (10:29pm)
Alan B.: Sure, but the PR researchers are pretty cool. (I used to be one.) (10:29pm)
kat herding: ...before I started hooking. (10:29pm)
Alan B.: A promotion. (10:30pm)
Alan B.: Here here. But if you walk into a dive bar with shiny objects and act like a dick you get smacked. (10:31pm)
Alan B.: You mean they're self-involved to a fault? I can confirm that. (10:32pm)
Dr. Penny: Literally a Cylon hanger. (10:36pm)
Dr. Penny: It's all over the BSG literature. (10:37pm)
Sherilyn: (10:38pm)
Alan B.: New type of audio malware transmits through speakers and microphones (10:39pm)
Alan B.: (10:39pm)
Alan B.: Bravo! This is the bestest rant. (10:40pm)
kat herding: smegma gnu? (10:41pm)
kat herding: I'll take rare diseses for 400, Alex. (10:43pm)
kat herding: BLR! (10:43pm)
kat herding: yeah, is it really just MENTAL? (10:46pm)
Alan B.: Is there a high-quality download of Over the Edge? (10:48pm)
Alan B.: My father recorded all of the Firesign Theatre albums onto reel-to-reel and then I listened to them. (10:49pm)
Alan B.: Over the Edge for February 21st 2014 (10:51pm)
Alan B.: He went thee. (10:52pm)
Alan B.: there. (10:52pm)
Alan B.: Aleph loaf? (10:55pm)
kat herding: keep walking... keep walking... (10:56pm)
kat herding: here's the O'Hare video (10:58pm)
Alan B.: Can someone please explain Aleph Null, Aleph 1, Aleph 2...? (10:58pm)
Alan B.: Nice video! (10:58pm)
kat herding: \o/ (11:00pm)
Dr. Penny: The glands of the O'Hare underpass. (11:03pm)
Alan B.: Contractor talk (11:06pm)
Get: out. (11:14pm)
Get: out now. (11:14pm)
Get: out know and dont answer fome. (11:14pm)
Get: out and leaf show alune. (11:14pm)
Get: out and process this, bud. (11:15pm)
Get: out and call the phun not. (11:15pm)
Get: out and stop Wil Helm Cream. (11:15pm)
Alan B.: Is there a high quality download of Puzzling Evidence? (11:20pm)
Alan B.: Wow. (11:20pm)
vj pussycat: willy wonka (11:20pm)
Alan B.: In fact, there is: (11:21pm)
Alan B.: I somehow sense that the lack of joy over Hal in some is genuine. (11:22pm)
Alan B.: I was stunned that the post-non-broadcast ADH show actually occured. (11:23pm)
The Beatles: Stunned. (11:24pm)
The Beatles: Stunned. (11:25pm)
Alan B.: Yeah, and shocked. (11:25pm)
Alan B.: It was their trousers. They were . . . tight. (11:26pm)
The Rutlin' Stones: Yeah, the Whether Main. (11:26pm)
Alan B.: Jeepers, I have to go back and listen to that. (11:27pm)
Stig: Stuck now, ain't cha? (11:27pm)
Nasty: Crude earl, guts... (11:28pm)
Robot: must die (11:28pm)
Alan B.: The show that should have been (11:29pm)
Alan B.: Listen to everyone hurt Hal. (11:29pm)
Alan B.: shoulda been. (11:29pm)
John Hurt: will move the mics. (11:29pm)
Alan B.: That's the best Alan B. hack evar. (11:29pm)
Alan B.: Brian Eno Ambient 1: Music for Airports (11:31pm)
Sony: used to be such a world...wiggle test not trustworthy. (11:31pm)
Head: phones still bigger that that. (11:32pm)
Alan B.: Top Ten Reasons Not to Read Infinite Jest (11:32pm)
Trillion: brains not on line yet. (11:33pm)
Alan Whats: More questions please, Meat Weakness. (11:34pm)
Alan B.: Windows 7: Right Channel Not Working ! SOLVED! (11:35pm)
Alan B.: Catholic Encyclopedia: (11:38pm)
Alan B.: ^^Ininite (11:38pm)
Alan B.: Blah (11:38pm)
Alan B.: Wolfram Math World - Infinity (11:38pm)
Alan B.: What is slack? (11:40pm)
kat herding: radio camera (11:42pm)
Alan B.: Steve Allen show, Frank Zappa Playing music on a Bicycle 1963 (11:44pm)
Alan B.: Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr Ft. Beardyman - Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat (11:44pm)
Rath of Chan: Spock is a dick. (11:47pm)
Alan B.: This is the best Alan B. hat check evar. (11:47pm)
kat herding: but does this explain why time is a flat circle? (11:47pm)
Downtown San Francisco: Thanks for the tip o' the hat! (11:48pm)
Alan B.: jpg (11:48pm)
Alan B.: God dammit (11:49pm)
Super Blood: Is this on the quiz? (11:49pm)
Gorn: thanks (11:49pm)
Alan B.: (11:49pm)
kat herding: best 404 (11:49pm)
Gorn: Hitler (11:49pm)
Gorn: You bet!!!! (11:49pm)
Alan B.: By the way, STOP SMOKING OR END UP LIKE GRANDPA. (11:49pm)
Hitler: Thanks, boys! (11:50pm)
Eggs Benidick Cumberbund: Elemental, Flotsam. (11:50pm)
Eggs Benidick Cumberbund: And, Spock truley is a stick. (11:51pm)
Alan B.: Hitler's Hat (11:51pm)
Eggs Benidick Cumberbund: Save NegativLand Energy (11:51pm)
Boba Fet: Are you Gravity? (11:52pm)
Alan B.: Biscuits and Gravity (11:52pm)
Frank Zappa: I'm still dead. (11:53pm)
John Lennon: Me. too. (11:53pm)
Honey Suck: NHLG believes in the future. (11:54pm)
Honey Suck: NHLG is not stoned enough. (11:54pm)
Alan B.: That cat loves to singa a with the moona and and the Jun-a and springa (11:55pm)
Alan B.: LAUNCH ALL HADRONS (11:55pm)
kat herding: Kat Herding (11:55pm)
Hadrons: Hadrons. (11:55pm)
Alan B.: Yeah! (11:55pm)
kat herding: damn you spellchecker! (11:56pm)
Yeah: Yeah. (11:56pm)
Sherilyn: Citizen Fillibuster, thank you. (11:56pm)
Belong : Are All Old Hadrons. (11:56pm)
Alan B.: i want to beat this ranting man to death with my BARE HANDS. (11:56pm)
vj pussycat: well you're fixin to lose me. i gotta go do some emergency soldering (11:56pm)
kat herding: I'll hold your coat. (11:56pm)
Sherilyn: (11:57pm)
Cock Sucker: How cum I'm not on the show tonight? (11:57pm)
Alan B.: Gee, Patton seem so nice on the Twitter. But this is some apspie bullshit right here. (11:57pm)
Sherilyn: Which is kind of the point, of course. (11:58pm)
Patton: "Like crap through a goose...." (11:58pm)
Patton: "Er..umm..we're out of cocksuckers right nows... (11:59pm)
Patton: " (11:59pm)
Alan B.: We must close the cocksucker gap! (11:59pm)
Patton: Honey Suck (11:59pm)
Patton: Alreday did.......tanks.. (12:00am)
Honey Suck: No way... (12:00am)
Alan B.: Hello, Dr. Hal. (12:00am)
Lo: power staytion that it is. (12:01am)
Space: Strike!!!!! (12:01am)
Hadrons: are washing your minds (12:03am)
Hadrons: ask you to continue to forget (12:03am)
The World: breaks it all... (12:04am)
Yeah: Yeah. (12:04am)
no no . . : : (12:05am)
All: your belongs are Hadrons to us. (12:05am)
Yes, YES!!: fuk all (12:05am)
Yeak: Yeahs. (12:05am)
ISP: Soft landing on the show (12:06am)
Alan B.: The podcast is an unnecessary distraction. Viva the stage show! (12:07am)
no no..::: (12:08am)
Infinity: Are you Grabity? (12:08am)
Hadrons: No, I ink not... (12:09am)
jock and yono: literally (12:09am)
Space: I fuck your vomit. (12:10am)
Alan B.: The people's revolutionary podcast council declares this show to be over. (12:10am)
The Audience: Free us of these statements... (12:11am)
senator beiber: um.. sure (12:11am)
The Audience: Leave us some fig leaf of diggity! (12:11am)
Alan B.: Giggity! (12:12am)
bacon wrapped doggity: doo (12:12am)
Hot: and Dog are left to the rear for supply reasons (12:12am)
The Mudience: show talk (12:13am)
we have to: do things (12:13am)
Now.: now. (12:13am)
there . . :: there (12:13am)
Son Rah: Leave me alone. (12:14am)
Alan B.: Space is the place. (12:14am)
russell: crowe (12:14am)
Myself: , I shot (12:14am)
kat herding: alef not what? (12:15am)
Show End: not. (12:15am)
Alan B.: G'nite, one and all. (12:15am)
kat herding: 'gnight folks (12:15am)
NHLG: Good Night, you fucks! (12:16am)
NHLG: What do they WANT?!! FUCK!!!! (12:17am)
ffuckes: moore showe (12:17am)
NHLG: Yes, Theory of FUCK!! (12:17am)
NHLG: Spock issa FUCK!! (12:18am)
Hadron: You'll die for that! (12:18am)
Honey Suck: Not Nice. (12:18am)
Only One: Me. I'mma FUCK!! (12:19am)
NHLG: It's a giggity fucking time (12:20am)
NHLG: Goodnight, YOU FUCKS! (12:21am)

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