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with your host Juan Rapido
Let's Do It Together And Have Fun
February 20, 2013 8:00pm
Wherein we host the very special guest DJ TC and promote The Scott Jones Medical Benefit Rock Show. We play a little local music and and DJ TC spins a bunch of his favorite tracks.


Dante's Hot Tub Intro
Depravity's Rainbow by Hank IV
Space Pod by Brickbat from Brickbat
Badlands by Golden Void from Golden Void
Killer Smile by Hot Lunch
Gutterpunk Girl by Illusion Fields from Illusion Fields
The Bones of an Idol by The New Pornographers from Twin Cinema
I Heard You Say by Vivian Girls from Share the Joy
Sleepy Time on Bourbon by Silent Cinema from Easy Classics
B/W by Rotary Downs from Chained to the Chariot
Radio by Dirty Angels
Bangkok by Alex Chilton from Lust/Unlust 45
Let's Stick Together by Bryan Ferry from Let's Stick Together
I'm Not the Devil by Dentists
Girls Like Me by Bonnie Hayes & Wild Combo
Captain Tedious by Clint Maedgen from Apt 11
Patty Lee by Les Savy Fav from Let's Stay Friends
Love in a Void by Siouxsie & The Banshees from Peel Sessions
Sink, Florida, Sink! (Electric) by Against Me! from As the Eternal Cowboy
Killer Man by The BellRays from Let It Blast
Dreaming of You by The Coral from The Coral
Phazer by Brickbat from Brickbat
Your Mind Is A Disco by Hank IV
Hot Lunch by You're Alright from Hot Lunch
Tempo Tantrum by The Woggles from Tempo Tantrum
Keep Calm and Carry On by The Public from Saturn Missile Battery
So Into You by Atlanta Rhythm Section from Champagne Jam

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