A Shock to the Temple with Matt Shapiro
March 15, 2014 4:00pm


4:01pm: Blue Bamboo by Black Mighty Wax from The Sound of Infinity

4:08pm: Well Red by MFSB from XII Inches of Virgin

4:12pm: Where's The Party by Freeland & Morrison from Urban House

4:17pm: We Call It Acieed by D. Mob from The House Sound of London

4:23pm: Give Me A Reason by James Wyma from Body Jams Vol 1

4:29pm: Turn Me Out by Eddie Fowlkes from Vorsprung Durch Logic

4:36pm: Alive by Diva Blue from Aphrodesiac 3

4:41pm: West End Girls (Knocking Down Tables) by Pet Shop Boys from West End Girls

4:46pm: Guess Who? (Part Two) by A Certain Ratio from Guess Who

4:53pm: Zanzibar by Helen from Zanzibar

4:59pm: If You Can't Say No by Lenny Kravitz from If You Can't Say No

5:03pm: New Bach by Pink Elln from Parallel

5:07pm: Latex Monitor by Tonio & Arno Fondlatekno ‎ from Monitorfucker EP

5:16pm: Les Bass Electros (Return of the Big Man) by 2 Lone Swordsman from The Spirit Of Vampyros Lesbos

5:24pm: Digital System by Max Durante & Keith from Misch

5:32pm: We Are All Egyptians by Explorers of the Nile from We Are All Egyptians


5:35pm: Hmm Hmm by Taste of Sugar from Hmm Hmm

5:39pm: I'm Gonna Beat Dis by Agaric from I'm Gonna Beat Dis

5:44pm: MESH by Psychic TV from MESH

5:49pm: Flesh by A Split Second from A Split Second

5:54pm: Take an Acid by BX-8017 from Take an Acid

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