Genre mashing at it's finest.
Episode # 10, ST. Patty's Day
March 17, 2014 8:00am


8:02am: Uncle Ray's Psychedelic Soul
Real Cool Time by The Stooges
8:06am: Loose by The Stooges
8:07am: Submission by Sex Pistols
8:21am: I Was Made to Love Her by Jimi Hendrix
8:25am: Gangsters (Live Peel Sessions) by The Specials
8:31am: Car Thief by Beastie Boys
8:33am: Mommy, what's a Funkadelic? by Funkadelic
8:47am: Past Present and Future by Afreaka
9:00am: Outta Here by KRS-1
9:01am: Best Kept Secret by Diamond D
9:04am: Got Dough? by 5 Deez
9:09am: Clarity by The Nextmen
9:11am: Love & Haight by Sly & The Family Stone
9:17am: Empty Pages by Traffic
9:24am: Strange Feelin\' by Tim Buckley
9:31am: December Day by Willie Nelson
9:34am: Ode To Billy Joe by Bobby Gentry
9:38am: Mind Your Own Business by Hank Williams
9:44am: Don\'t Forget About Me by Dusty Springfield
9:53am: WHy Can\'t We Live Together? by Timmy Thomas
9:54am: If I Should Die Tonight by Marvin Gaye

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