Post Jacktone Record Store Day Soire with Roche
April 19, 2014 4:00pm


4:03pm: Coup by 23 Skidoo from Nine O' Clock Drop

4:04pm: Something 2 Dance 2 by NWA from NWA

4:08pm: Mindfields (Headrock Dub) by Prodigy from Smack My Bitch Up

4:12pm: Tears (Wicked Mix) by Frankie Knuckles & Satoshi Tomiie from Tears

4:18pm: E-Culture by Unification (Unification Mix) from Unification

4:26pm: Open Mind by Orbital from Chime

4:30pm: Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix) by Bizzare Inc from I'm Gonna Get You

4:37pm: Unforgiven (Leftfield Hands Mix) by D:REAM from Unforgiven

4:48pm: Element by Corridor Element from Element

5:00pm: Over the Ledge (Rub Dub) by Ta'boo from Over the Ledge


5:04pm: Here's the Sample (Basement Jam Mixdown) by Classic Man from Here's the Sample

5:07pm: You by Magic Touch w/ Octo Octa & New Body from Palermo's House Gang

5:12pm: Nafara by Mood II Swing from The Scenic Route EP

5:14pm: Primitive World by Patrick Cowley from Mind Warp

5:17pm: Departure by Michael Hoenig from Departure from the Northern Wasteland

5:18pm: Drive Air by Goitia from Dream Meridian

5:23pm: French Kissing in the House of Love by Paradise 100 from The Loin King

5:23pm: Piano Cloud by Shams from Piano Cloud

5:27pm: Theme from Tony's Party by Bobby Browser from Still Browsing

5:32pm: Slain by Vereker from Slain

5:35pm: Materials by Bookworms from Japanese Zelkova

5:37pm: L2 by Escape Force from Confused House 4

5:42pm: 5th Street Orchestration (Sweet Ambience Mix) by Classic Man from 5th Street Orchestration / Here's The Sample

5:46pm: Sunlight in My Eyes by Mood II Swing from The Scenic Route EP

5:53pm: House of Intuition by Magic Touch w/ Octo Octa from Palermo's House Gang

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