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May 14, 2014 10:00pm
Imagine a world where every word ever written, every picture ever painted, every soul ever damned to eternal torment, and every film ever shot can be viewed instantly in your home via an "information superhighway:" a high-capacity digital communications network that drives straight through all nine circles of the Inferno, all the way from Limbo through Alta Vista and CNET straight to Treachery. Abandon all hope, ye who join Karen Carpenter, Bob-Marc, and Sherilyn Connelly (with profligates KrOB and Puzzling Evidence) on a ride through the ones and zeros of Paradise Lost. Wanna cyber? Tonight, we download in Hell. Can't be more FINAL BROADCAST than that.

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: Better to reign on Friendster than serve on Facebook.

Chatroom History
May 14, 2014 10:00pm - 4:30am

Sesame Street alien: though it doesn't seem to be updating (10:13pm)
Sesame Street alien: wait, there it does (10:14pm)
vj pussycat: the website is not woeking either (10:51pm)
vj pussycat: it was working for rapido (10:51pm)
vj pussycat: me too karen (10:51pm)

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