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Freedom Mix! [DTW 7.1.14]
July 1, 2014 6:00pm


Real Cosby - Always (feat. Marilyn Baker) (Gold Braid EP, 2014, Shoeboxx)
DJ Koze - Nices Wolkchen (Robag’s Bronky Frumu Rehand) (Amygdala Remixes #2, 2014, Pampa)
Hanssen - Solar America (Seven Years Week, 2014, Hush Hush)
Eno - Hyde - The Satellites (Someday World, 2014, Warp)
Afefe Iku - Zero Degrees (Order of Direction EP, 2014, Yoruba)
[break] Stèv - Winter Train (Elsewhere EP, 2013, Loci)
Lusine - Arterial (Arterial EP, 2014, Ghostly)
Cvd - Jungle Cahandy (Surgical Goldsmith, 2014, Velour)
Dave Saved - Power and Silence (Aisha Devi Mindworker Rework) (Power and Silence: Deindustrialization, 2014, Gang of Ducks)
Lone - Vengeance Video (Reality Testing, 2014, R&S)
Plusculaar - Man In The Mirror (Himbrecht Remix) (Morning At Your Place, 2014, Esemtrax)
[break] Lone - Once In A While (Midland Mix) (Once In A While/Raptured, 2010, Werk Discs)
Phono.o - Whi5tleblower (Cubenx Remix) (Cracking Space Pt. 2, 2014, 50 Weapons)
Simian Mobile Disco - Tangents (Tangents, 2014, Anti/Epitaph)
Gina Turner - Turn Me Up (Canblaster Large Remix) (Turn Me Up, 2014, Turn It)
SCSI-9 - Smooth Sunset (Alexander Pavlenko Remix) (Smooth Sunset, 2011, Highway)
[break] Nightmares On Wax - Now Is The Time (N.O.W. Is The Time, 2014, Warp)
Delano Smith - No Sleep (The Insomnia EP, 2008, Mixmode)
Martyn - Fashion Skater (The Air Between Words, 2014, Ninja Tune)
Charles Murdoch - Dekire (feat. Oscar Key Sung) (Bodhi Remix) (Dekire, 2013, Future Classic)
Plaid - Matin Lunaire (Reachy Prints, 2014, Warp)
Dauwd - Rain Raker (Kindlinn, 2014, Kompakt)

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