Temples of Independence
July 5, 2014 4:00pm


4:02pm: Holderlin by Requiem fur Einen Wicht from Tonwellen 1970-1990

4:07pm: Love is a Gun by Flash and the Pan from Headlines

4:09pm: Deep Into the Ambient Jungle by Zone 12 from Globe@t

4:15pm: Core by CTI from Core

4:21pm: Looks Like We're Shy One Horse by Colourbox from 9 O Clock Drop


4:25pm: The Truth Shall Make You Free by King Hannibal from The Truth Shall Make You Free

4:27pm: Maze by Actress from Maze

4:33pm: Desire Desire by LA Vampires from Integration LP

4:33pm: M Flight by Pender St Steppers from M Flight

4:36pm: Flight for Ikaros by Roche from Stillhope

4:39pm: Sans Quimico by Roche from Auragan EP

4:43pm: CG Vision by Roche from A Night at the Hac

4:49pm: Rainstorm II by Levon Vincent from Rainstorm II

4:50pm: Puzzles in Life by Legowelt from Los Alamos Motel EP

4:55pm: Hangups by Loose Shus from Hangups

4:56pm: Night in Tunesia by Hugh Masekela from I'm Not Afraid


5:23pm: Hear the Night by Albion from Disco Mambo

5:28pm: I'm the Viper by Nik Albert from I\'m the Viper

5:32pm: Star Dance by Dealer from Star Dance

5:36pm: Mad by Angella Dean from Qua La Mano

5:44pm: Mama's Away by Le Hostess from Mama's Away

5:45pm: Flying Saucers by Captain Torkive from Flying Saucers

5:46pm: Iron Far by Luna from Iron Far

5:50pm: Softness by Dorothy from I Confess

5:53pm: Discotech by Barbette from Gypsy

5:56pm: Squadra Speciale by I Romans from Romantica Lisa

5:59pm: C'est La Vie by Lady Carnival from Discobolos

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