Sunday 4-6 PM PST on Radio Valencia
Burger Boogaloo!!!
July 6, 2014 4:00pm


D$ hosts this special edition of CHR about Burger Boogaloo! Holly Hooch and JVF plus our friend Mad Mama call in from the festival and give us an on the ground report, plus our pals Deathwish and Scotty Blank tell us about their day one experiences. We love Burger Records, We love the Boogaloo and the great bands from this year, so listen in and get acquainted with some excellent bands you may not already have on your radar. We played a track off the yet to be released Reigning Sound album "Shattered" which drops on 7/15/14, their first release in almost 5 years!

Here's a mostly complete playlist, except when D$ went out for a smoke!

4:03pm: Crying In My Sleep by Summer Twins

4:06pm: I Will Love You by Summer Twins

4:09pm: Escucho Mucho by Juan Wauters

4:11pm: Don\'t Stay by La Sera

4:13pm: Ozma by Shannon and The Clams

4:17pm: Falling Rain by Reigning Sound

4:20pm: You Can\'t Put Your Arms Around a Memory by Ronnie Spector

4:29pm: Break It by Reigning Sound

4:31pm: My Baby Loves Crime by The Gizmos

4:34pm: Six Guns by Milk \'n\' Cookies

4:36pm: Not Enough Girls (In The World) by Milk \'n\' Cookies

4:58pm: Rip Van Winkle by Shannon and The Clams

5:07pm: Up and Down Around by The Muffs

5:09pm: Diet, Crime & Delinquency by Personal & The Pizzas

5:12pm: Ain\'t It A Shame by No Bunny

5:14pm: Slurp Mee by Pookie & The Poodlez

5:15pm: Pookie Smoochez by Pookie & The Poodlez

5:16pm: Wahoo by Meatbodies

5:20pm: If I Stay Too Long by Thee Oh Sees

5:23pm: What Deathwish Did This Weekend

5:29pm: Buy High Sell Low by Phantom Surfers

5:31pm: Dolemites Corner by Phantom Surfers

5:32pm: No Go Diggy D by Phantom Surfers

5:34pm: Ropes That Way by Dirty Ghosts

5:38pm: Gone For Good by No Bunny

5:40pm: Lucky Guy by The Muffs

5:43pm: Black Thoughts by OFF!

5:44pm: I Need One (I Want One) by OFF!

5:45pm: Wrecked by White Fang

5:47pm: Excedrine Headache #265 by Reigning Sound

5:51pm: 4 Track Mind by White Fang

5:55pm: Toe Cutter / Thumb Buster by Thee Oh Sees

5:59pm: Be My Baby by The Ronettes

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