Santero in full effect
July 18, 2014 12:00pm


Bay area based musician and DJ Santero brings a large sampling of his music and shares some wisdom with Ms. Margarita.

Tambores de Afrika by Santero ft. Boogat,
El Besito by Santero,
Agua del Rio by Santero,
Checherengoma by Santero,
Malverde by Santero,
Kailash by Santero,
El Sol by Deuce Eclipse ft Santero,
Blood Money by Rankin Joe,
Cry of the Wilderness by Rocker T,
Luna Llena by Favi,
Favi by Quick Money,
Agua del Mar (Olokun Remix) by Santero,
Machete by Santero,
The Google Bus Song by Cache Box,
Raspados Don Miguel by Santero,
Peligro by Santero,
El Tigere by Santero,
Ochosi by Santero ft. Deuce Eclipse,
El Cocuyo by Santero,
Siempre by Santero,
Bahea! by Lucio K,
Faluma (Africa Latina remix) by Yakki Famirie,
Africana by Los Rakas

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