Radio Valencia, San Francisco Community Radio
A Quiet Sunday
July 27, 2014 2:00pm


With no guests scheduled, Malderor was free to catch up on a backlog of new and unreleased material, focusing on some local bands who will be playing out DNA showcase on Friday. The new releases tended toward the "indie pop" end of the spectrum this time around. Check it out:

2:04pm: Ramblin' by Vagabondage

2:07pm: Borrowed Time by Parquet Courts

2:08pm: Glitch by The History of Apple Pie

2:12pm: Young Chasers by Circa Waves

2:14pm: You Should Be Glad You've Got A Man by The Family Rain

2:16pm: Like That by White Fence

2:20pm: Don''t Let's Start (Live) by They Might Be Giants

2:22pm: One Lost Year by The Vaselines

2:25pm: Take Me To Church by Sinead O\'Connor

2:29pm: Love Is The Dead by The Lovemakers

2:33pm: Neon Street by The Y Axes

2:36pm: 40 Miles Of Bad Road by Dead Moon

2:42pm: Drifters by The Dandelion War

2:49pm: The Chauffeur by The Sneaker Pimps

2:55pm: Hide From The Sun by Goat

3:01pm: Ulcer by Autobahn

3:05pm: Crom: Strong On His Mountain by Arnocorps

3:09pm: Mom Confused By Skrillex by Parents Just Don't Understand

3:10pm: Out Of The Loop by The Vines

3:14pm: Take Shelter by Years and Years

3:18pm: Emotional Hard Drive by ishi

3:22pm: Forget The Past by Dot Punto.

3:33pm: This Town's Too Big (For The Both Of Us) by Sunken Monkey

3:33pm: Prodigal Son by Bad Religion S.A.T. Word Of The Week

3:35pm: Daydream by Bloody Knees

3:43pm: What's Holding You by Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

3:48pm: Dead N Bones by Theo Verney

3:50pm: Urban Arson by Halcyonaire

3:57pm: Lowtalkin' by Menace Beach

3:57pm: Burn Out The Bruise by The Wytches

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