Radio Valencia, San Francisco Community Radio
Malderor, Mully, and Sothira from Proudflesh
August 10, 2014 2:00pm


Malderor welcomed Mully from Older Sun and Sothira from Proudflesh into the studio for a pleasant Sunday of the harder stuff.

2:05pm: Heavy Manners by Prince Far I

2:10pm: Bone Marauder Coming by Anaxaton6

2:13pm: Police Story by Black Flag

2:15pm: Too Sick To Pray by Alabama 3

2:23pm: Wild One by Dio

2:25pm: Atlantis by Angel Witch

2:29pm: Satisfied Then Crucified by Rock Goddess

2:35pm: High In The Clouds by Proudflesh

2:36pm: Rock and Roll Singer by AC/DC

2:42pm: Poison Apple by Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats

2:48pm: Two Minutes To Midnight by Iron Maiden

2:54pm: Eyes Of A Panther by Steel Panther

2:57pm: Hardcore Boy by The Tweens

2:59pm: Girlfriend by The Tweens

3:04pm: 21st Century Oi by The Cockney Rejects

3:07pm: JC Auto by Sugar

3:21pm: Dig A Hole by Raging Slab

3:22pm: Wizard Of Slab by Wizard Of War

3:35pm: Three Miles To Oblivion by Crucifix

3:40pm: Island of Domination by Judas Priest

3:43pm: Got This Thing On The Move (Grand Funk Cover) by Older Sun

3:47pm: Going To Mexico by Motorhead

3:55pm: Lock & Load by Jimmy Crucifix

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