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Perk It [DTW 8.19.14]
August 19, 2014 6:00pm
Lone - Basking (Reality Testing, 2014, R&S)
Bnjmn - Tonight (IV, 2014, Technicolour)
Terrence Dixon - Musical Promises (Population One (A Mind Of His Own), 2013, Metroplex)
Frankie Rose - The Fall (Fort Romeau Remix) (Night Swim, 2012, Slumberland)
[break] Kouben - Illustrious (On Another Planet, 2014)
Bear In Heaven - Autumn (Time Is Over One Day Old, 2014, Dead Oceans)
Zero 7 - Simple Science (Simple Science, 2014, Make)
Negativ - Someone Special (Someone Special EP, 2013, Sequel One)
Mike Dehnert - Espace (Lichtbedingt, 2014, Delsin)
Rival Consoles - Helios (Sonne, 2014, Erased Tapes)
[break] Mark Wundercastle - AC (Cell, 2014, 1080p)
Sleepyhead - All Night (Broke City Summer Collection Volume 2, 2014)
Pye Corner Audio - Black Mist (Long Version) (The Black Mist, 2014, Front and Follow)
DJ Shadow - Six Days (Machinedrum Remix) (The Liquid Amber EP, 2014, Liquid Amber)
DJ Shadow - Ghost Town (The Liquid Amber EP, 2014, Liquid Amber)
[break] Gold Panda - Clarke’s Dream (Clarke’s Dream, 2014)
Kwamie Liv - Lost In the Girl (Lost In the Girl EP, 2014)
Christopher Willits - WIDE (WIDE, 2014, Ghostly)
Tycho - Spectre (Bibio Remix) (Spectre, 2014, Ghostly)
Stryker Matthews - Sticks (Shook EP, 2014, Doom Dab)
Archie Pelago - Hall of Human Origins (Hall of Human Origins, 2013, Styles Upon Styles)

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