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starring Dr. Hal !
September 5, 2014 10:00pm
Recovering from desperation and dessication in the Desert, Dr. Hal springs back to life in his first post-Burning Man radio show. Featured: after "The Owl and the Vulture," a poetick rumination, the ADH show debuts the third of the Pooh-Bah Players's Pat Novak for Hire radio detective series, "Ruben Calloway's Pictures." Hour of Slack No. 1477 excerpts provide post-14-X-Day ruminations. Whitman McGowan chimes in with "Bobs" from his Caught in the Act CD; we also hear "Hypatia" by Italo Calvino, from the Dr. Fiasco-produced Invisible Cities of Italo Calvino CD, performed by Dr. H. Owll. Another vulturine poem, the sublime "Under the Vulture Tree," by David Bottoms, precedes Whitman's "Unconfirmed Report" and "Be Nowhere Now," both from Caught in the Act. And Dr. Hal provides an a capella performance of "[Then I Know that I'd be] Satisfied with Life." KrOB, a drop-in visitor, helps round off the show with his usual technical finesse. No vultures were harmed during the making of this program.

Chatroom History
September 5, 2014 10:00pm - 1:30am

DrPantzFunkley: hooray (10:14pm)
DrPantzFunkley: join me in st louis for free drinks this hot september (10:14pm)
DrPantzFunkley: damn that was badass dame (10:26pm)
DrPantzFunkley: good evening dr hal, glad you are back! (10:29pm)
DrPantzFunkley: how was burning man? sorry i missed the first 15 minutes of the show (10:29pm)
DrPantzFunkley: =] (10:38pm)
DrPantzFunkley: yikes (10:38pm)
earl: okay DON'T stick up yout thumb. Gee, you're dumb." (10:41pm)
earl: Stang has taste regarding that ripped dress in King Dinosaur.. Good for him. (10:49pm)
earl: Oh, Hal, what did you ever hide under the seat while seeing? (10:53pm)
DrPantzFunkley: i'm here for you Hal - it was a hard week at the office and this is my favorite entertainment (11:03pm)
DrPantzFunkley: Long Live Radio (11:03pm)
DrPantzFunkley: indeed! RV is the best (11:04pm)
DrPantzFunkley: =[ (11:19pm)
DrPantzFunkley: well that's a bummer (11:19pm)
DrPantzFunkley: hah! (11:19pm)
DrPantzFunkley: they posted the exact stream in the #subgenius chat at Taphouse (11:20pm)
DrPantzFunkley: it might be up to 8 listeners =] (11:20pm)
DrPantzFunkley: have you been to almost all of them? (11:53pm)
DrPantzFunkley: haha (12:03am)
DrPantzFunkley: jack lord have mercy (12:03am)
DrPantzFunkley: hi krob (12:04am)
nexus006: Kroooob! (12:04am)
DJ MEOW: YAAAA Krob!! (12:05am)
Sesame Street alien: quien es mas macho (12:06am)
DrPantzFunkley: woohoo (12:07am)
DrPantzFunkley: DJ Meow (12:07am)
DrPantzFunkley: happy saturday (12:07am)
DJ MEOW: Oh ya!! (12:07am)
DrPantzFunkley: =] (12:08am)
Alan B.: Hung Dong Phooey (12:09am)
Alan B.: All Tomorrow's Particles (12:10am)
Alan B.: Planet of the Grape Ape (12:11am)
Alan B.: Grab a brew. Don't cost nothin'. (12:12am)
Alan B.: Mock out with your cloaca out. (12:12am)
Alan B.: Would the last FCC agent to leave please turn out the lights? (12:13am)
Alan B.: Russian hands and Roman fingers. (12:13am)
malderor: text (12:16am)
Alan B.: The Muddy Mudskipper Show! (12:16am)
Alan B.: Wilcommen to Boning Man. (12:17am)
malderor: man, the chatterbox sucks (12:17am)
malderor: how far (12:17am)
malderor: is it (12:17am)
malderor: from (12:17am)
malderor: finland (12:17am)
malderor: to (12:17am)
malderor: russia? (12:17am)
Alan B.: Any Russian will tell you Finland is already in Russia. (12:17am)
malderor: heh (12:18am)
Alan B.: Larry Harvey was a fag! He was too, you boys! One time I hung two-way mirrors in his pad in Brentwood. Came to the door in a dress. (12:19am)
malderor: what do the finns say? (12:19am)
malderor: the hell he was. (12:19am)
Alan B.: (12:20am)
Alan B.: Skeeters (1993) Trailer (12:21am)
Alan B.: All loser cast (12:22am)
Alan B.: Spiders Movie Trailer (2013) (12:23am)
Alan B.: Benefit - If I Owned a Midget [HD] (12:25am)
Alan B.: Alpha and Omega (12:25am)
Alan B.: They'll do anything for fifty bucks. (12:27am)
Alan B.: Bringing peace and understandign to the coloreds, or whatever. (12:28am)
Alan B.: Miss Collagen (12:29am)
Alan B.: Mary-Jane Rottencrotch (12:29am)
Alan B.: Never give up! (12:31am)
Alan B.: S.I.B. (12:32am)
Alan B.: Pure energy (12:34am)
Alan B.: Procter & Gamble Mr Clean Commercial 1958 (12:38am)
Alan B.: Banned Cartoons NTSC (12:40am)
Alan B.: There's no prob with "Fob." (12:46am)
Alan B.: Why Am I Mr. Pink? - Reservoir Dogs (12:47am)
Alan B.: The Last Projector Changeover - STRAND Theatre, Ocean City, NJ 9/5/1988 (12:49am)
Alan B.: Thank you, Dr. Hal and KrOB. Have a good week. (12:51am)
Alan B.: Engage! (12:55am)

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