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starring Dr. Hal !
September 12, 2014 10:00pm
The owl Archimedes, familiar of Merlin the Enchanter, is the Psychopomp who takes us, in the initial reading, to the undiscovered country of Kennaquhair, whose latitude is 91 degrees North and longitude 181 degrees West, the domain and demesne of Athene, Goddess of Wisdom. There we observe the lives of the trees, at thirty years a minute, and then the lives of the rocks at two million years a second. All thanks to Terence Hanbury White. From the sublime... to elswhere, as we feature St. Andrew the Impaled's telling performance, from X-Day 17, of his lyric, "Low Standards." Also with Baby Bear, Professor Elemental, Spy Emerson, Rusty Rebar and DJ Female Convict Scorpion ("Bill Cosby Talks to Kids about Drugs"). An a capella rendition, better unremarked and forgotten, emits from Dr. Hal as, tormented, he channels Frank and Nancy Sinatra's "Life's a Trippy Thing" ("Gettin' Stoned on Sunshine"). Then there's the Techie who Looks Through my Windw. What to do? Next Week-- Baby Bear LIVE!

Chatroom History
September 12, 2014 10:00pm - 1:30am

earl: HAL, You are thinking of Will Smith (11:25pm)
Earl the Almost Imperfect: God give me.. strength! (11:26pm)
Earl the Almost Imperfect: But Sinatra was a tremendous drinker! (11:42pm)
Earl the Almost Imperfect: Except for ME-EEEEEEEEEE (11:47pm)
Earl the Almost Imperfect: Hey, it's really great to be here. (11:49pm)
Earl: This is confusing, whether contributions in this box or on the phone are of any importance to those participating in the studio. I shall go and contemplate this! Sayonaras! (12:10am)
What is this?: Yes pie (12:22am)
What is this?: I love pie (12:22am)
SPY: I need pie (12:23am)
SPY: I want pie (12:24am)
SPY: SPY (12:24am)
SPY: $PY (12:24am)
SPY: SPY PIE (12:25am)
$PY: This too... (12:25am)
$PY: blackberry (12:26am)
$PY: SEX CRUMB PIE (12:27am)
$PY: I WROTE IT! (12:28am)
$PY EMERSON: The faker.. (12:29am)
Dr Hal: Me too (12:29am)
SPY: Roofie Spy Pie (12:30am)
Pie: in the fickin' Spy Sky (12:30am)
Dr Hal : Must push button, must eat pie of Spy (12:31am)
$PY EMERSON: Pie for everyone! (12:31am)
$PY EMERSON: Pie for me (12:33am)
Kirk: Spock Pie (12:33am)
Cable: I've been put out (12:33am)
Cafe: This! (12:34am)
Hal: can't stand not being center of 'tension (12:35am)
And: Hal loves to watch (12:36am)
Earl: HAL< just put up an unsightly picture facing this neighbor you're complaining about. (12:36am)
Earl: Like a big drawing of an atomic explosion that you've crafed to look unpleasant. (12:36am)
Angst: is so prevalent (12:37am)
Craf: is the present of crafed (12:39am)
Earl: on the phone (12:40am)
Show: this is much better than the murderer discussion (12:40am)
God: Time for the naked Spy (12:41am)
Not: his idea of, he did not produce those films (12:45am)
$PY EMERSON: Time for naked god (12:45am)
Not: more than 1 dollar to get in thaetre (12:46am)
Not even SPY: Nope (12:51am)
$PY EMERSON: Not $PY (12:51am)
$PY EMERSON: Cool start rek sounds (12:51am)
Not even SPY: Hal Hal Hal (12:51am)
Not even SPY: How do I get super cool art babes to like me? (12:51am)
Not even SPY: I like thems.. (12:52am)
Try: being your self (12:54am)
Spy : left out on the cold (12:54am)
Not even SPY: This never works... (12:54am)
Not even SPY: Except for that one time...;) (12:55am)
Not even SPY: Always can (12:55am)
Anyone: can (12:55am)
Spy Emerson: I wanted to everyone to fully understand that my love of Jerry Lewis knows no boundaries. Jerry! Thank you. (12:55am)
Radio: is, save when it snot (12:56am)
Spy Emerson: loves Jeryy (12:56am)
Not even SPY: Noooooooo!.... (12:58am)
Spy Emerson Also: I know it's like me and Jerry sittin' in a tree (12:58am)
Some Kinda Spy: this is not broadcast, nor narrow, nor airie at all (12:59am)
Not even SPY: So many SPY's (12:59am)
Spy Emerson Also: K. I. S. S. I. N. G. (12:59am)
Not even SPY: Ready (12:59am)
Some Kinda Spy: and set (1:00am)
Spy Emerson Also: Smooching like crazy, me and JERRY!!! Yum. (1:00am)
Thank God: That's over (1:00am)
Not even SPY: I like kissing. (1:00am)
Hm: Gee, it sounds as if she especially likes kissing Jerry, huh? (1:01am)
Not even SPY: What's next? (1:01am)
RoboDJ: rules (1:01am)
Hm: Does she mean Jerry Lewis? Wow. Ok, night! Have fun with that. (1:01am)
RoboDJ: rules (1:02am)
Come over: And get me stoned .! (1:02am)
Kimona My House: stunned....we was stunned (1:03am)
SUre.: About what (1:06am)
Kimona My House: bout mo sho (1:14am)

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