Septemple of Dreams (In 2 Much)
September 13, 2014 4:00pm


4:03pm: Surface Tension by Analysis from Metal Dance

4:04pm: Trak by Phylyps from In Order to Dance 5

4:09pm: Roller Coaster (Flying Remix) by Ariel from Roller Coaster

4:16pm: Perpetual Dawn (Ultrabass II) by The Orb from Perpetual Dawn

4:23pm: Justified and Ancient (Let Them Eat Cream) by The KLF from Justified and Ancient

4:29pm: Pulse by Ultra V from Whole Lotta Love

4:34pm: Evolve by Smith and Mighty from Bass is Maternal

4:39pm: Stare Into by Shams from Piano Cloud

4:43pm: I Want Your Love (Sweet and Sweep Mix) by J Dee from This is Techno

4:50pm: Shall We... by Forgemasters from Track with No Name

4:55pm: Love So Strong (Trance Mix) by Wild Planet from Love So Strong

5:02pm: Turn Me Out (Swing 52 Mix) by Praxis f/ Kathy Brown from Turn Me Out

5:07pm: Throw by The Paperclip People from Throw

5:16pm: Thee (The Aphrohead Mix) by Felix da House Cat from Thee

5:30pm: Blue (Album Mix) by LaTour from Big Hard Disk Vol 1

5:38pm: Don't Make Me Wait by Loveland from Freska! 2

5:45pm: House Rights (Fight for It) by Phortune from Jack Trax 7

5:51pm: Cult of Snap by Hi Power from Deep Heat

5:57pm: Mindanao by Vocoder from Cuadro Sinoptico

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