Genre mashing at it's finest.
Episode 29 !Tang Love
September 22, 2014 10:00am


New Jersey transplant and SF music veteran Uncle Ray blends Rare Groove, Power Pop, Funk, 60\'s Psychedelia, Hip Hop, Acid Jazz, R&B, Reggae, and Top 40 into a unique and eclectic groove to help get you going on Monday mornings.

Liam\'s Cheese Shake (Live Elbo Room) by !Tang from !Tang, Live @ the Elbo Room

10:08am: Since I\'ve Been Loving You (Alternative Mix) by Led Zeppelin

10:14am: You\'re still a Young Man by Tower of Power

10:18am: Skin Tight by Ohio Players

10:28am: Josie by Steely Dan

10:32am: FFun by Con Funk Shun

10:36am: Look What You\'ve Done For Me by Al Green

10:39am: Cutie Pie by One Way

10:49am: Thankful, Thoughtful by Sly Stone

10:50am: Get Away by Earth, Wind & Fire

11:01am: Since I\'ve been Loving You (Alternative Mix) by Led Zeppelin

11:03am: Stay (Live) by Bowie

11:11am: Changes by Jimi Hendrix

11:12am: Bang A Gong by T Rex

11:21am: On Your Radio by Joe Jackson

11:26am: Love Land by B-52s

11:33am: Ball & Chain by XTC

11:38am: With Our Love by Talking Heads

11:48am: Urayasu Girl by amores vigilantes w/ Lyrics Born

11:49am: Cowboys by Portishead

11:54am: Fire Fire by M.I.A.

11:56am: Don\'t Look Down by Bowie

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