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starring Dr. Hal !
October 3, 2014 10:00pm
"She, to whose person paradise adher'd,
As courts to princes; she, whose eyes enspher'd
Star-light enough t' have made the South control,
(Had she been there) the star-full Northern Pole;
She, she is gone; she is gone; when thou knowest this,
What fragmentary rubbish this world is
Thou knowest, and that it is not worth a thought;
He honours it too much that thinks it nought."
--John Donne
As Doktor Reverend Baby Bear wanders far away, among the stars,
Dr. Hal, robot-like, curates a show of SubGenius odds and ends, an
automaton without soul or inspiration.
Some of those bits are pretty funny, though.
No one else is present in the yawning void; no one comes into the
studio to visit, this time.
Except KrOB, at the very, very end.
Next week: more fun!

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