Tiger Tooth Temple
October 11, 2014 4:00pm


4:01pm: Tiger Eyes by Cuticle from 936 Remixed

4:07pm: Women Beat Their Men (Voodoo Village Club Mix) by Voodoo Doll from Women Beat Their Men

4:14pm: Bug in the Bass Bin (Dirtbombs Cover) by Carl Craig from Part Store

4:25pm: So Low by Carol from Electrocute Me Softly

4:27pm: Genesis by Tangerine Dream from Electronic Meditation

4:32pm: Beginning Of The Heartbreak / Don't Don't by Peter Gordon & Love Of Life Orchestra from Love Of Life Orchestra

4:39pm: Kommunikation by Gila from Gila

4:47pm: Der Osten Ist Rot by Holger Czukay from Rome Remains Rome

4:53pm: Dreamtime (Instrumental) by Kate Bush from The Dreaming

4:56pm: Sahara Sand by Otto Mix from Sahara Sand

5:03pm: La Gatta Cenerentola II° Coro Delle Lavandaie by Roberto De Simone from La Gatta Cenerentola II° Coro Delle Lavandaie

5:08pm: Zwiesprache Der Rohrfloete Mit Der Sängerin by Popol Vuh from Nosferatu

5:11pm: Don't Stop by Sizike from U Zemlji Čuda

5:15pm: Do You Wanna Dance by King Sporty from Do You Wanna Dance

5:20pm: Come and Get It by Santrax from Come and Get It

5:25pm: The Ghost of Elvis by Ethers from The Ghost of Elvis

5:29pm: Mazes by Moon Duo from Mazes

5:32pm: Attack Decay by Thomas Leer & Robert Rental from The Bridge

5:35pm: Soleil Soleil by Ahmed Fakroun from Soleil Soleil

5:38pm: No Controles by Ole Ole from No Controles

5:42pm: Necromancer by Van Der Graaf Generator from The Aerosol Grey Machine

5:48pm: Radio Rhythm (S-I-G-N-A-L S-M-A-R-T) (Dub Mix) by Clandestine Featuring Ned Sublette from Radio Rhythm (S-I-G-N-A-L S-M-A-R-T)

5:52pm: Cor Corora by Nyra Bakiga from Cor Corora

5:57pm: Popcorn by Popcycles from Popcorn

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