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Find Me [DTW 11.4.14]
November 4, 2014 6:00pm


Yppah - Film Burn (Eighty One, 2012, Ninja Tune)
Lia Ices - Electric Arc (Ices, 2014, Jagjaguwar)
Chrome Sparks - Goddess (Goddess, 2014, Future Classic)
[break] Daso - So Sexy (Martin Patino Remix) (All My People, 2012, Popcorn)
The Miracles Club - U&ME (Nile Delta Remix) (U&ME EP, 2012, Cutters)
Solvent - King Vincent (Martin Canterel Remix) (New Ways Remixed, 2014, Suction)
Bag Raiders - Savannah (Roland Tings Remix) (Nairobi, 2014, Modular)
[break] Sven Vath - Sensual Enjoyments (Fusion, 1998/2014, Cocoon)
Applescal - The Veil (The Veil, 2014, Atomnation)
Phaeleh - Alignment (A World Without, 2014, Undertow)
Firejose - Windy City (Red Mist, 2014, Cut)
[break] Almunia - Find My Way (Marius Circus Remix) (Find My Way, 2014, Above Machine)
Mi - For Givers (Doubting Thomas Harp Remix) (Westerns, 2014, Mesa)
Shackleton - Death Is Not Final (Death Is Not Final, 2008, Skull Disco)

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