The Gates of Ancient Temples
November 8, 2014 4:00pm


4:03pm: A Consultant's Agreement by New York Endless from Strategies EP

4:09pm: Ethiopia by Wetdog from Frauhaus!

4:11pm: Husky by Videoclips from Roboter Ramona

4:15pm: Landscape I by R Nance from Wakened By Silence

4:20pm: Be Pop by Isabelle Antena from Les Filles Du Crepescule

4:24pm: Anti-Fade by Chrome from Subterranean Modern

4:28pm: The Gates of Ancient Cities by Chris and Cosey from Trance

4:32pm: Mellow Out by Holger Czukay from Canaxis

4:34pm: Lyster Fjord by Streetmark from Nordland

4:40pm: Kaspar Hauser by Steinwolke from Steinwolke

4:47pm: Till I Get Me Some Money by Aidan Nolan from Tales from the Sun

4:51pm: Out To Play by Steve Braun's Universe from Out To Play

4:54pm: Another Victim Pt II by Morkelagt Bevegelse from A View X Another Victim

4:59pm: Faces in Veils by Dance Chapter from When The Spirit Moves Them

5:03pm: Space Hymns by Ramases from Space Hymns

5:09pm: Lies in Your Eyes by Snowy Red from The Right to Die

5:15pm: A Number Bigger than the Biggest Number Imaginable (feat. Baris K) by Sport Hit Paradise from A Word that Describes Something Extremely Romantic

5:23pm: Santa Dog '84 by The Residents from Santa Dog '84

5:26pm: Sally Go Round the Roses by Voice Farm from The World We Live In

5:31pm: Psychotron by Schaltkreis Wassermann from Psychotron

5:37pm: Valami Uj Kell by Paramis from Paramis 2

5:42pm: Erlkanig by Michael Rother from Fernwarme

5:49pm: Malice In Wonderland by Paice Ashton Lord from Malice In Wonderland

5:56pm: Raga Kathinya by Om Shanti Meditation from Dilruba

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