November 19, 2014 10:00pm


Nose Hair Lint Gland
Brave crew of Subspace Radio Valencia, consider the question of existence. These are the questions which man has asked ever since he first gazed at the stars and dreamed. Our ancestors at Pirate Cat Radio and SF Liberation Radio were were ruled by their emotions. They felt with their hearts. They made love with their hearts. They believed with their hearts. And above all else, they believed in a place in which these questions of existence would be answered. Modern dogma tells us this place is a myth, a fantasy concocted by pagans such as Karen Carpenter and Sherilyn Connelly. But it is no fantasy! I tell you, it exists! The FINAL BROADCAST of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND has been chosen to undertake the greatest adventure of all time...the discovery of the planet CLAKSAARB. It lies beyond the Great Barrier in the heart of the Mission.

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: You don't ask the Almighty for his station ID.

Chatroom History
November 19, 2014 10:00pm - 12:30am

UncleHarve: It's not easy.. I'm working hard.. so, you better do the same! (10:02pm)
UncleHarve: don't make a fucking maniac outta me! (10:04pm)
UncleHarve: the guys get shirts! (10:04pm)
Starcraft Service Table: By Grabthar's Hammer, what a savings. (10:12pm)
Starcraft Service Table: i can't wait... (10:14pm)
Starcraft Service Table: wouldn't it be fun if these financial problems were medicinal? (10:17pm)
Starcraft Service Table: On the press junket of Galactic Peace? (10:18pm)
interception: Harve Birdman (10:27pm)
interception: john cusack is in the new cronenberg (10:31pm)
interception: sandra bullock has gravitas? (10:33pm)
interception: why is god angry? (10:35pm)
leonard nimoy: (10:36pm)
leonard nimoy: where kirk goes, we follow (10:36pm)
leonard nimoy: gravitas is foremost on my mind (10:37pm)
leonard nimoy: gorn-met video (10:39pm)
for people who know: and love video (10:40pm)
DJ PON-3: Remember, only men ever buy laserdisc players. (10:41pm)
orson welles: ah, the french... (10:42pm)
kirk is a jerk: kirkin' with gas! (10:47pm)
god is peeeeeerrrrrr: ffffffeeeeeeeeccccccttttttt (10:50pm)
rocket man: i'm a, (10:53pm)
rockford file: i'm a (10:54pm)
,: (go climb a rock) (10:56pm)
colon: parenthesis (10:57pm)
the battle for paradise: fights the battle for peace (10:58pm)
marsh: melloncamp (10:59pm)
how about the b-side: to the nightmare single? (11:00pm)
moar: kroanos (11:07pm)
the air is thin: ner (11:26pm)
i am: glandru (11:30pm)
y: y (11:34pm)
y: thanks for the cool show Getting a Life on Saturday Night Live: (11:34pm)
y: Mike myers mask is Shatners Shatner is the face of Michael Myers face: (11:37pm)
shatner's name is a : killing word (11:41pm)

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