Troubling Evidence Show Product #16 (THE NO SHOW)
November 27, 2014 12:00am


There is no NO SHOW. ... but you can catch fragments of the NO SHOW during the 1st 1/2 hr of the Puzzling Evidence Show! Hey, wait, this is the Puzzling Evidence Show, right? whatever, go here:

Chatroom History
November 27, 2014 12:00am - 12:30am

Alan B.: That's hurtful. (12:00am)
Power Off: Use Show Powers! (12:00am)
Power Off: and On and Off and On... (12:00am)
Alan B.: But I see your point. Look, I just woke up. (12:00am)
Hak: y Sack The NHLG Sow!! (12:01am)
Sows: and the Power strip, a contempo up-show version of preserved jokes and dinner. (12:02am)
Alan B.: I want all of you to start writing down the individual packets of the show stream in hex and mailing them to me on postcards. (12:02am)
Alan B.: And its over. (12:03am)
Alan B.: Now it's time to not listen to Puzzling Evidence. (12:03am)
vj pussycat: brilliant idea alan b (12:04am)
Karen Carpenter: I'm sertailey not! (12:07am)
Karen Carpenter: So'ze what yu lizneing to! (12:08am)
Alan B.: My laptop fan and the compressor on my refrigerator. (12:10am)
Alan B.: Mad dada. (12:12am)
Karen Carpenter: you can still call in! (12:12am)
Alan B.: Well, nice not talking to you. (12:19am)
Alan B.: Happy thanksgiving. (12:19am)
Karen Carpenter: best call all night (12:19am)
Alan B.: Hi to Puzz Ev. His Kennedy show is still the best. (12:19am)
Karen Carpenter: we did 3 minutes of material for you only Alan (12:20am)
Karen Carpenter: welcome to Radio Silencio! (12:21am)
Alan B.: (12:23am)
Alan B.: ^^what I'm listening to (12:23am)
Alan B.: Kennedy didn't get his turkey that year. (12:24am)
Alan B.: I could call in again if you like, I don't mind. (12:24am)
Karen Carpenter: ts Puz Ev Put Your Hands on the Radio here (12:25am)
Alan B.: Them tubes is hot. (12:27am)

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