Episode 55 - Subsonic Sanctuary
January 17, 2015 4:00pm


4:02pm: All Lined Up by Shriekack from Care

4:04pm: The Sound of C (Hit House Remix) by Confetti from The Sound of C

4:09pm: I Don't Even Know if I Should Call You Marshall Jefferson (Dance) by Soul Family Sensation from I Don't Even Know if I Should Call You Baby

4:15pm: Genius by Quando Quango from Genius

4:22pm: Free and Equal (Leftfield Mix) by ICP from Free and Equal

4:29pm: The Seven Stars (at 33) by Quazar from The Seven Stars

4:36pm: Subsonic Trance (at 33) by Joey Beltram from Beltram Vol 1

4:42pm: Control I'm Here (Strategic Dancefloor Initiative Mix) by Nitzer Ebb from Control I'm Here

4:48pm: My First House by Brennan Green from My First House

4:58pm: The Burning Question by Bill Nelson from Flaming Desire and Other Passions

5:05pm: Blue Love by DJ Harvey from Love Hotel EP

5:09pm: Cosmic Climb (Extended Dance Mix) by Madonna from Cosmic Climb

5:15pm: Move Your Ass and Feel the Beat (Instrumental) by Erotic Dissidents from Move Your Ass and Feel the Beat

5:22pm: Shake it Right by Six Sed Red from Shake it Right

5:29pm: P-Machinery by Propaganda from P-Machinery

5:44pm: Sir Nineys Rock by King Tubby and the Observer Allstars from Globe@t

5:48pm: Game Above My Head by Blancmange from Mange Tout

5:53pm: Rushed by 69 from In Order to Dance 5

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