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starring Dr. Hal !
February 20, 2015 10:00pm
There bee certaine Cantrips, older than Recorded Time, which emergeth from
the Black Grimoires of the Esoteric. Stones have been known to Move, & Trees to
Speak. All the Operator needeth to do, to make certaine the Work proceedeth Rightly,
is give Utterance to that Realm of Speech which unlocketh the Daemonic Power from
the Spheares. Where Others Listen, the Lesson descendeth, undisturb'd, like unto a
Caul or Mantle over the Soul, as sayeth Eibon in his Booke. So do ye Listen, and thou
shalt bee Verily made Pregnant with the Keys, will-ye, nil-ye. Ia! Shemhamphorash!
And so forth, and so on. Well, things were going swimmingly, heh, heh-- when,
suddenly, we took quite a different direction as nosy newsgirl Justin "Lois" Credible
darted into the room and began to interview Dr. H. Owll all about-- you guessed it-- the
Church of the SubGenius. Wow! Who saw that coming? Had to change course...
She got her "scoop," while Puzzling Evidence, Karen Carpeter and KrOB all
yukked, cackled and roistered.
They had a great time. Will you?

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