59ineth Tantric Temple
February 28, 2015 4:00pm


4:02pm: Mangled Riddim by Walton from Walton EP

4:05pm: French Kiss (Triple "M" Cut) by Lil Louis from French Kiss

4:08pm: Addiction (Dog House Mix) by Skinny Puppy from Sound Sampler Volume 2

4:14pm: Work it to the Bone by LNR from Gotta Have House

4:20pm: Funk the Industry by Burger Industries from Acid Resistant

4:28pm: Love Bug Wonderland by Guarana from Going Back to Basics!

4:35pm: Intelligent Universe by Love Craft from Apollo Compilation

4:44pm: Soul Power by Ruth Joy from November 89 Previews

4:47pm: If Madonna Calls (Lectro Dub) by Junoir Vasquez from If Madonna Calls

4:56pm: Discraft Ultrastar by Rok & Jonzon from Regatta De Blanc

5:03pm: 2 Much (Instrumental Mix) by Paradise X from 2 Much

5:14pm: Do It Steady by Vice Versa from Black Havana

5:20pm: Boogie Beat by Uno from Boogie Beat

5:22pm: Scale Those Heights by New York Endless from Strategies EP

5:26pm: Desert Colonization by Unknown Soldier from Hesitation

5:30pm: La Chine by The Juan MacLean from Give Me Every Little Thing

5:34pm: Return from Love by Kebel Elektrik from Journey Into Love

5:39pm: Creme by Analogical Mind from Modulation Academy

5:44pm: I Don't Know by Silver Apples from I Don't Know

5:49pm: The Bee by The Scientist from Deep Heat 9

5:51pm: Polynomial G by Aphex Twin from In Order to Dance 5

5:56pm: Frightened In France by Kissing the Pink from Naked

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