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Tuesdays 6-8pm PT. The best in new electronic and independent music.
March 3, 2015 6:00pm
Dauwd - Kolido (Ghostly Swim 2, 2014, Williams Street/Ghostly)
Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal (George FitzGerald Remix) (Open Eye Signal, 2015, Domino)
Nocow - Zathdax (Zathdax EP, 2015, Roots United)
[break] Ebony - Sunshine (Sunshine, 2015)
Monomite - Atmosphere (Or Just a Day) (Space Time Body and Soul EP, 2015, Beat X Changers)
Brian Mayhall - Abundance (DoubtingThomas Remix) (Mesa Remixed 1, 2015, Mesa)
Brendon Moeller - Passage To Obscurity (Passage To Obscurity, 2015, Atrophic Society)
Akra - Warm & Pretty (Sonnox Reworked EP, 2015, Teng)
NIBC - Disconnected (Vega EP, 2015, Trunkfunk)
Andhim - Spayce (Spayce, 2015, Get Physical/Zebralution)
Hundred Waters - Out Alee (Plaid Remix) (The Moon Rang Like A Bell (Remixed), 2015, OWSLA)
Ishome - Grade (Confession, 2013, FuseLab)
George FitzGerald - Full Circle (feat. Boxed In) (Full Circle, 2015, Double Six/Domino)
[break] Alter Ego - Jolly Joker (DJ Koze’s Nuttich Styler Remix) (Jolly Joker Remixes, 2015/2008, Alter Ego)
Dawn of Midi - Nix (Nix, 2015/2013, Erased Tapes/Thirsty Ear)
Coyote - Eve (The Kenneth Bager Experience Remix) (Gitarra, 2015, Music For Dreams)
6Blocc - Euro Xpress (Krunkwerk, 2014, Bandcamp)
Beacon - Minor Structures (L1, 2014, Ghostly)
Hakan Lidbo - Waldorf Sallad (Decryptology, 2015, Container)
Tycho - See (Beacon Remix) (Awake (Deluxe Edition), 2014, Ghostly)

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