Genre mashing at it's finest.
Episode #49, James Brown vs. the World part 2.
February 23, 2015 9:00am


James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub Party by Eddie Murphy

9:08am: Super Bad parts 1, 2, & 3 by James Brown

9:13am: Slinky by The Dynamites

9:23am: Hot (I need to be Loved, loved. loved, loved) by James Brown

9:24am: Fame by Bowie

9:29am: You Mother You by James Brown

9:33am: Get Down With It by Little Richard

9:37am: Don\'t Be A Dropout by James Brown

9:41am: Trying to make You Feel Good by 6ix

9:44am: Money Wont Change You by Aretha Franklin

9:45am: Fat Bag by James Brown

9:52am: Outta Space by Billy Preston

9:55am: Blind Man Can See It by James Brown

9:57am: The Boss by James Brown

10:05am: Damn Right I am Sombody by The JB\'s

10:06am: Anti-Love Song by Betty Davis

10:11am: Trying to Make You Feel Good by 6ix

10:19am: Since You\'ve Been Gone by James Brown

10:22am: Ca\'- Ba-\'Dab by Soul Swingers

10:28am: Tell Me What You\'re Gonna Do by James Brown

10:29am: Say Blow By Blow Backwards by Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns

10:34am: Get on the Good Foot>Soul Power> Make it Funky by James Brown

10:43am: Chocolate Buttermilk by Kool & the Gang

10:50am: The Little Groove Maker part 1 & 2 by James Brown

10:53am: Doin it to Death by The JBs

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