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starring Dr. Hal !
March 13, 2015 10:00pm
The Ask Dr. Hal! Show continued in its efforts to present passages
from, and critical commentary on, the legend-haunted Necronomicon.
But, after introductory remarks... Funny how every time we try to do
this, something interferes. In this case, KrOB appeared and diverted the
show. Coincidence, or Conspiracy?
Then all chances of re-directing it into its original channel were lost
when Puzzling Evidence also appeared.
Well, we had a good time going over familiar ground. The fans didn't
seem to mind. And just wait-- our shows coming up will vault over these
and all other impediments...
And, harken, Etherettes, Rocket Rookies, true believers all-- in the
coming month we'll be trying something entirely new, offering an audio
version of our month long live show at Chicken John's Chez Poulet Gallery-
Cabaret. Never before attempted. Successfully, that is.
Never let it be said that we rest upon our laurels, at the hardy Ask Dr.
Hal! "Radio" Show! Until we do, that is.
Next week-- more visitors!

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