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starring Dr. Hal !
March 20, 2015 10:00pm
More on the Necronomicon, with critical commentary... Some of the
more famous verses are explicated. Yes, some of that actually "got out."
But there were repercussions. There are always repercussions.
We hear studio guest Dr. Penny give a two-part sermon on Slack and
other SubGenius tropes. Flailing, failing studio equipment add greatly to
the ambiance. Coincidence, or Conspiracy?
Dr. Howll was exhausted, as it happens, exhausted-- from a scary, far
Northward trip comprised of, among other ingredients, car crashes and
poetick recitations...
But the show lumbered and labored on.
KrOB, Pete and Puzzling, the Apocalypse Triplets, were actually
present but, as is so often the case, not heard, or helpful...
The show ends, but then Dr. H. Owll narrates, with Dr. Penny's help,
the vintage motion picture PREHISTORIC WOMEN (1950), featuring lovely,
fur-clad Laurette Luez. Not, we hasten to add, PREHISTORIC WOMEN
(1967) with lovely, (less) fur-clad Martine "Nupondi" Beswicke.
The Pterodactyl attack is surprisingly good, in its own weird, floppy way.
Too bad no one without access to the picture can actually see it.
Still don't know how it was done.
Maybe in a future show... So many cavegirls, so few (perhaps) remaining
An extra hour (at least) is added to present this material, Etherettes and
Rocket Rookies.
Then, KrOB and Puzzling elbow Dr. Howll aside and begin their own
cacodaemoniacal sound assemblage, loaded for bear.
But that's not recorded here. We hear they left the studio in a reeking
mess, which our good friend Bullwinkle later completely cleaned up...
And just wait-- our shows at Chez Poulet Gallery-Cabaret (known less
euphoniously elsewhere as Chicken John's Warehouse), upcoming, will
spring through the month of April.
And, harken, Etherettes, Rocket Rookies, true believers all-- in that
coming month we'll be trying something entirely new, offering an audio
version of our month long live show at Chicken John's. Never before ever
attempted. Successfully, that is.
Next week-- more visitors! Ideally, human ones.

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