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April 3, 2015 10:00pm
A matter of timing, of shoring up spaces to be filled-- in this case,
ruminations on chronology.
From February 27th, actually.
We were off doing the first of the anticipated 4 live shows at Chez
Poulet, you see.
The plan is that the audio from these will be posted here.
But, beware!
Yes, there was a show-- a quaint , contrived re-creation of our once-
revolutionary past.
Something like Colonial Williamsburg.
You shall hear for yourself, faithful follower. But the audio-- well, it's
often... muffled, and made incoherent by crowd noise...
Every now and then something, or a piece of something, seems to
emerge. For gleaners only, we fear that show will be, on Radio Valencia.
Deciding to run it was difficult... By the next week we will attempt to
solve this, and many other problems...

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