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starring Dr. Hal !
April 11, 2015 1:00am
A recording of sorts, made at the live Ask Dr. Hal! Show on April 10th.
We are consulting with experts in the field and doing everything possible
to improve the sound duplicating process.
At the same time, inevitable limitations on the ability of the equipment to
provide acceptable acoustic balances within the performance space have
produced, at best, a flawed version of the recorded presentation.
Some voices, we readily acknowledge, are blurred; others are too "warm"
--which is to say, too near the local microphone. Crowd noise at times partially
muffles the amplified vociferation from the stage.
And yet, if one listens patiently enough, one may gain a partial under-
standing of what it must be like to be attending one of the now-ongoing live Ask
Dr. Hal! Shows, as executed at "Chicken" John Rinaldi's Chez Poulet Gallery-
The hoarse, expostulating voice heard continually throughout, hectoring,
browbeating, is that of Chicken himself.
The loud, explosive and unending laughter emanates from the vicinity of
the Smoke Pot Guys. And the latter is well-recorded indeed, since the ambient
microphone was nearer those laughers than it was to the stage, to Dr. Howll
and Chicken John.
Every now and then something, or a piece of something, seems to
Well, next week's, as we've said, should be better.
We'll be back to doing our usual podcasts as of May 1st.

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