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starring Dr. Hal !
May 8, 2015 10:00pm
We are so far ahead of Conspiracy Science that it's laughable, boy, just laughable.
Look what we got.
A hypothetical means by which memory traces are stored-- or a practical one,
of long-proven provenance.
Thus, a show of impressions from recent iterations of live p'formance, alive, alive-oh
at the uber-fashionable Chez Poulet Gallery-Cabaret, which in common parlance is yclept
"Chicken John's Warehouse."
Where the Elite Meet, reet?
The recording quality? Better, according to blowback, feedback and payback.
Performance quality? Well, this... be, er, a more... nebulous entity.
And we intersperse poetry, music and various gags. Wow!
We're getting back in our groove, see? Now, everyone calm down. Keep telling
yourself... it's only a show. It's only a show...
Next Week: The Final Show of April, and far, far before...
Then, Movie Night! Hint: Watch Out For Gigantic Crustaceans.

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