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starring Dr. Hal !
May 15, 2015 10:00pm

Reverberations, waves, ripples and resonant echoes from the live Ask Dr. Hal!
shows of April still sound in this, our latest podcast.
The last and most riotous of the Chez Poulet shows is featured here, but then,
like eying a far-off galaxy whose light has just now reached us, we behold an iteration
far farther nestled in the Beforetime-- the Eighties, to be more precise.
No, really, 1982-- the younger voices of Dr. Hal, Mobius Rex and Puzzling Evidence
are heard along with that of the late Jeff Robins (1960-2002), whose voice has often been
mistaken by audiophiles for that of his brother, Dr. H. Owll.
An archival recording, made by Puzzling Evidence, from his extensive collection.
And then-- movie time: The Attack of the Crab Monsters.
It seems that giant, radioactive mutant crabs are picking off the cast one by one in
this exceptionally murky and hard-to-see (illegally rephotographed?) print.
Dr. H. Owll's deteriorating vision causes much of what he narrates and describes to
be a mere guessing game. Hot-spot and fall-off are a consistent conundrum.
Then, the outsized shellfish, having consumed the brains of their late victims, call
eerily to the diminishing survivors in the voices of the departed, to lure them into giant
It's not just mimesis-- you can actually hold a conversation with the things, and they
advocate for their point of view, for all the good it does...
While this goes on, below the surface, the monstrous, swollen crustaceans, strangely
transmogrified and hypertrophied decapods of the infraorder Brachyurae, are chewing
away with their multiple mouth-parts at the island's foundation, making it a smaller and
smaller place for the last stand of our blurry, barely visible heroes...

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