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Rise N Fall
May 19, 2015 6:00pm


Frits Wentink - Aquarelle (Live Fast, Dwayne Young, 2015, Bobby Donny)
MATRiXXMAN - The Sigil (The Spell EP, 2014, Kraftek)
Whitehead, Michael Greig - About Time (The Brood, 2015, Bulletdodge)
Vince Watson - Under The Skin (Eminesence, 2015, Yoruba)
[break] Black Devil Disco Club - Follow Me (Instrumental) (Disco Club, 2015, Anthology)
Washed Out - Amor Fati (Within and Without, 2011, Sub Pop)
Patrick Watson - Good Morning Mr. Wolf (Love Songs For Robots, 2015, Domino)
Kastle - Strange Days (Hyperreality, 2015, Symbols)
Chrome Sparks - Enter The Chrome Forest (Goddess, 2014, Future Classic)
Machinedrum - Rise N Fall (dBridge Fall N Rise Remix) (Vapor City Remixes, 2015, Ninja Tune)
[break] Mi = Bamboo Breath (And My Edges, 2015, Mesa)
Robag Wruhme - Volta Cobby (Cybekks EP, 2015, Pampa)
Whitehead, Darren Emerson, My Evil Twiin feat. Paris The Black Fu - What It Is (The Brood, 2015, Bulletdodge)
Chet Faker - 1998 (Otologic Remix) (1998 Melbourne Edition, 2015, Downtown)
[break] Radioactive Man - White Light Monochrome (dBridge Remix) (White Light Monochrome Remixes EP, 2015, Reinhardt)
Amon Tobin - In Your Own Time (Eprom Remix) (Dark Jovian, 2015, Ninja Tune)
Nicolas Jaar - No One Is Looking at U (Nymphs II, 2015, Other People)
Pye Corner Audio - Stars Shine Like Eyes (Stars Shine Like Eyes/Quasar II, 2015, Death Waltz Originals)
Miami Horror - (Into the Night) (All Possible Futures, 2015, Dine Alone)

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