African Space Program
May 19, 2015 10:00pm


The Jeweler by Pearls Before Swine from Use Of Ashes (1970)
The Barbara Song by Gil Evans from The Individualism Of Gil Evans (1964)
The Diver (Demo) by Gravenhurst from Offerings: Lost Songs
Mountain by Pharoah Overlord from Battle Of The Axehammer (2004)
Varanaaradha Naaraayana by Sundaram Balachander from Sounds Of The Veena (1967)
Outta My Head by Wooden Shjips from vol 2
wednesday - fourth by Malachi from Holy Music (1966)
It's Only Music by Grace Slick from Manhole (1973)
Jabulani - Easter Joy by Dollar Brand from African Space Program (1974)
Break On Through by Doors from Doors (1967)
Rubba Rubba words by Upsetters from Blackboard Jungle Dub (1973)
Body by Black Spirituals from Of Deconstruction (2014)

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