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starring Dr. Hal !
May 22, 2015 10:00pm
That's dealt with fairly soon.
Then comes the part with-- oh, boy! --the Special Show Guests-- Puzzling Evidence! The
Overman, Philo Drummond, a little later on! And, eventually, and terminally, Michael Peppe!
A conversational free-for-all, round after round, among these legendary big-time Sub-
Geniuses and Dr. H. Owll. Quite the fat-chew, eh? What a chin-wag, eh? Eh?
The movie tonight is, or was A Visit to a Small Planet, featuring industrial-strength Jerry
It proved a less-than-stellar (get it?) choice, though, because (1.) The film sacrifices Gore
Vidal's stage play to big-time player Jerry's whims and shtick, and 2. Michael Peppe, with
scattered apprehension, was incapable of following it or commenting on it. Then there's the
unavoidable fact that (3.) the dialogue-heavy script takes forever to move out of the interior
set where most of the first act is set. (4.) In any case, Michael Peppe just yakked loudly away,
right over 95% of the dialogue.
(5.) The long-anticipated scene where Jerry grooves with the beatniks didn't happen, and didn't
happen... finally, Puzz-Ev mercifully advanced the plot, artificially-- and then it happened.
Well, it's no Attack of the Crab Monsters.
But live and learn. Or, depending on who you are, just live...

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