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starring Dr. Hal !
June 5, 2015 10:00pm
While Dr. Hal was in Petrolia, California, up in the state's Lost Coast "undeveloped" area on a field trip of sorts, splashing in the Mattole River with various lovely Naiads and Nereids, that night's Show went on as scheduled, just the same. Though Dr. Hal, even as he enjoyed viewing the Beauties of Nature in the Raw, was yet unable to helm his eponymous program as accustomed, Ask Dr. Hal! show archivist Puzzling Evidence was on the job-- he compounded a savory and appetizing Mulligan Stew of past performances and radio radiance. Dr. Hal, floating in the river, did a live performance for the laughing, un-swimming-suited sirens, which envanesced and vanished on the blossom-scented wind, never to be recorded. But Puzzling Evidence called upon his mighty audio collection to save the day, synthesizing a Radio Valencia show more Radio Valencia than Radio Valencia itself...

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