65th Temple: Approaching Global
June 20, 2015 4:00pm


4:17pm: Approaching Global by Cuticle from Approaching Global

4:19pm: Funk the Industry by Burger Industries from Acid 4x4

4:26pm: How's Your Evening So Far? (Vocal Mix) by Wink from How's Your Evening So Far?

4:38pm: Illusion by Chris and Cosey from Trust

4:44pm: Achilles by Antenna from Camino del Sol

4:47pm: Controversy Between by Front 242 from Endless Riddance

4:53pm: Aguirre 1 by Popl Vuh from Deutsche Elektronische Musik Volume 2

4:59pm: Alles Ist Schoen by The Orb from Pomme Fritz

5:07pm: Ricochet Part 1 by Tangerine Dream from Ricochet

5:14pm: Stahlherz by Rheingold from Das steht Dir gut

5:18pm: Spoon by Can from Spoon

5:21pm: Herzschlag by Mau Mau from Herzschlag

5:25pm: Bass Line Changed My Life by Adamski from Killer

5:29pm: Get Up Before the Night Is Over (Instrumental) by Technotronic from Get Up Before the Night Is Over

5:33pm: Yaaaaaah (at 33) by D-Shake from Techno Trance

5:38pm: Keep on Movin (Instrumental) by Soul II Soul from Keep on Movin

5:42pm: Jack to the Sound of the Underground by Hithouse from Jack to the Sound of the Underground

5:48pm: Electrica Salsa (Dub) by Off from Electrica Salsa

5:50pm: Another Life by Kano from Another Life

5:54pm: Dream On by Slam Slam from Move

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