66th Temple with DJ Jackson: July 4th Edition
July 4, 2015 4:00pm


4:01pm: Recruit by Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst from Recruit

4:11pm: That Hold Music by Opus No.1 from That Hold Music

4:17pm: Heaven's Gate by Noo from Heaven's Gate

4:26pm: Koto by Bruse from Koto

4:32pm: Oberdan Mall by Chevel from Oberdan Mall

4:38pm: Before KDL by EMG from Before KDL

4:44pm: Overpass by Aurora Halal from Passageway

4:50pm: Inverse Array 1 by Sendai from Inverse Array 1


4:52pm: The Bog (Techno Duck Mix) by Bigod 20 from The Bog

4:56pm: I Don't Need God by Greater than One from I Don't Need God

4:58pm: Point Counterpoint by Bintus from Point Counterpoint

5:00pm: Success (12" Dance Mix) by Sigue Sigue Sputnik from Success

5:03pm: Band of Gold (Dub Mix) by Sylvester from Band of Gold

5:07pm: Jet Set by Doctor John from Jet Set

5:09pm: Do It to the Music by Raw Silk from Do It to the Music

5:12pm: Come go with Me by Pockets from Come go with Me

5:15pm: Junkyard Funk Revenge by Stacy Kidd from Chicago Grooves Part 2

5:16pm: Redhook Dreams by Dj Duke from Redhook Dreams

5:19pm: Street Player by Discocaine from Street Player

5:22pm: Sunrize by Risingsons from Sunrize

5:24pm: The Captain by JonNick from The Captain

5:28pm: Funk for Days by Peter Black from Funk for Days

5:31pm: I Wanna be Your Lover (Luke Lecon Mix) by Prince from I Wanna be Your Lover

5:36pm: Come on Jazz by Crue 69 from Come on Jazz

5:37pm: Jack U by Diddy and Felix da Housecat from Jack U

5:39pm: Never Stop Loving You (Dub Mix) by Heartbrake from Never Stop Loving You

5:41pm: The Unknown DJ by 808 Beats from The Unknown DJ

5:44pm: Return to Planet of Bass by Maggotron from Return to Planet of Bass

5:45pm: What Gets Your Body Hyped (XTC) by Kyper from What Gets Your Body Hyped

5:46pm: You're So Fine by Egyptian Lover from You're So Fine

5:48pm: Summer Night (With U) by Shayme from Summer Night

5:51pm: Captain (Tears) by Captain from Captain

6:01pm: Tribal Journey by DJ Duke from Tribal Journey

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