the Music Department With D.J. Meow ~
July 9, 2015 12:00pm


Play List

The Chase- Fututre Islands
Hot Hot Hot!!!-The Cure
Hummer-Smashing Pumpkins
Go Out-Blur
Dissolve -Hibou
Private Future- Love And Rockets
The Transmission Comes Apart-Alpine Decline
Release The Bats-The Birthday Party
Final Solution-Peter Murphy
Primary-The Cure
Lie To Me-Depeche Mode
Call Girl-FFS
The Ledgend Of Seraphim Rising-Attasalina
Hollow Gut-Lowlife
A Viable Commercial-Modern English
Performance- Tones On Tail
Ein Li Makom-Vaadat Charigim
Isolation-Joy Division
The Sanity Assassin- Bauhaus
Without A Face-LuLuc
Doot Doot-Freur
Fly On The Windscreen-Depeche Mode
Sweet Lover Hangover-Love And Rockets
Goodnight Tonight-Paul McCartney

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