July 15, 2015 10:00pm


Bob Hope, Paul Lynde, Buddy Hackett, Mel Brooks, Dom DeLuise, Carol Burnett, Jerry Lewis, The Solid Gold Dancers, Art Carney, Jack Benny, Dick Cavett, Jimmy Durante, Fred MacMurray, Ed McMahon, Carrot Top, Don Rickles, Farrah Fawcett, Dick Clark, Jack Paar, The 1986 NY Mets, Dean Martin, Henny Youngman, Muhammad Ali, Ray Charles, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Professor Irwin Corey ... were all invited guests on the 25th ANNIVERSARY and FINAL BROADCAST of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND. All graciously declined, the most common reasons being "not currently breathing", "booked at the Bellagio through 2100", and "with Carrot Top? Fuck that!". So join celebrities Karen Carpenter, Bob-Marc and Sherilyn Connelly as they reminisce about aging Radio Valencia founder Chicken John, retiring Comptroller Juan Rapido and, or course, Dr. Fiasco.

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: We just got a 'maybe' from The California Raisinettes!

Chatroom History
July 15, 2015 10:00pm - 1:30am
vj pussycat: ooh lets talk mormon (10:02pm)
Scary Tyler Moore: Clearly he didn't realize you had this bully pulpit. (10:30pm)
Scary Tyler Moore: INTERIM (10:43pm)
vj pussycat: that's OUR birthday karen (10:45pm)
vj pussycat: coincident? or is it? (11:19pm)
vj pussycat: penultimate special number (11:20pm)
vj pussycat: I have to work. mermen playing in Nevada city (11:21pm)
vj pussycat: on my I mean our birthday (11:22pm)
vj pussycat: some of that was Hal's show (11:24pm)

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